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OLMET ITALY – machinery and plants for precast concrete elements

Since 1960, OLMET ITALY has been designing and manufacturing machinery/ plants for precast concrete elements.

They have accomplished over 1,150 installations in 70 different countries world-wide.

Their main products include:-

  • Hydraulic tilting tables
  • Moulds for columns
  • Moulds for pre-stressed beams (self-reacting or not)
  • Staircase form-works
  • Circulation pallets system (Carousel Plant) (Click to see video)
  • Vertical batteries
  • Box culverts form-works
  • 3D monolithic form-works
  • Concrete distributors, trowelling machines, etc.
  • 2100 kg Magnetic box and shuttering systems

Manufacturing facilities

Their manufacturing facility is able to carry out any type of material processing by means of highly automated pre-processing plants for steel plates.

This includes:

  • CNC laser-cutting
  • CNC boring on flat bars and other profiles, up to a maximum size of 5.000 mm
  • special machining of large size steelwork elements
  • press-bending up to 14.000 mm. length
  • milling and lathing by CNC machinery
  • Manufacturing and design of made sheared, press-bend, milled and welded elements of large dimensions having a maximum weight of 20 tons.
  • 43,000 SQ. MT. of outdoor area
  • 6,000 SQ. MT. of manufacturing area


    Carousel plant


    Vertical battery form-work

    Tilting Tables

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