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Oshkosh custom design department works from the design concept through the production of their custom medallions, borders and parquet- every step of the way to provide you with a truly unique floor decor. Hardwood floor designs to custom floor inlays can spice up any living space.

Whether as the room’s focal point or as decorative accents, Oshkosh Designs allow you to add a unique design element to your home or office.

According to Oshkosh Designs President Brenda Kubasta currently their company is focusing in Africa since they can ship their products to the continent. On the current trends Brenda added that a lot of historic designs are achievable made with a creative, contemporary twist to them as far as color, materials, finishes – anything goes and the more eclectic the better

The artisans of Oshkosh Designs have mastered the art of combining contrasting natural hardwoods, stone, marble, leather and metals like brass, copper and aluminum, into an endless variety of collections ranging from decorative medallions and borders to parquet.

As in nature itself, the designs found within Oshkosh Designs decorative inlay collections allow the natural uniqueness of natural hardwoods and stones to add character and dimension to each medallion, border or parquet design. Their designs showcase a wide variety of design motifs and inspirations to choose from. Repetition is very popular right now which fits perfectly with their parquet flooring. At Oshkosh, we mix an eclectic design with historic styles to look new and fresh in both commercial and residential environments.


Brenda Kubasta

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