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Outinord was created in 1955 by Charles BAUER with the aim of industrializing the construction process on site. Today the company consolidates its position as the preferred construction partner of many international firms. Throughout the evolution of their range of formwork, they have always placed the highest priority on safety.

Their innovative construction systems allow developers and contractors to reduce their project completion time, up to 3 times faster than traditional methods. Construction costs are also reduced by over 20% with a superior building quality. Their production systems are carried out in a 50 000m2 industrial plant which is capable of producing over 200 000 m2 of formworks per year. The organization production revolves around powerful CAD and ERP computer management, combined with intense robotization and cutting edge steel forming technology.

They are known by many builders around the world for the high quality and efficiency of their construction methods. Their products are also found in African countries which are; Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt. They have actively participated in exhibitions in BC India 2013, Bauma 2013, Big 5 (Dubai) 2013, Batimatec (Algeria) 2014, and they are now looking forward to Intermat Exhibition 2015 in France. They are also pursuing distributors from Africa.

They offer two systems for the efficient construction of load-bearing wall structures. Tunnel forms are the ideal choice for buildings with repetitive structural layouts. However, wall forms are the preferred option for other types of concrete frames. They are currently involved in supplying formworks for the new ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) a technical research project.

Thierry Geoffroy, the Export Sales Director, advises potential buyers that, successful projects depend on proper planning and organization. In this regard, he says their constructive method of mechanization on site drives builders to them, with a systematic approach, superior building quality and reduced logistic hazards.

Thierry Geoffroy
Export Sales Director
[email protected]