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Pedini has managed to combine the centuries-old peasant wisdom and skill of its craftsmen with the latest technology, being able to produce kitchens aesthetically unique and unsurpassed in quality.

Research and development, engineering and design, manufacturing technology, supply chain management, quality certification, business services … these are the issues on which the company has always worked together with proven external collaborations, without forgetting the human and professional factor which is expressed in the originality of the product and commitment to its evolution. In brief, the company pursues quality and research, rather than the quantity. All this builds the added value of Made in Italy and the concept of brand which has always been granted to Pedini products.

Re-founded in 1992 by Daniele Radi Temelini Pedini represents the evolution in industrial key of an artisan business born in 1957.

Made in Italy is also a Handmade, as every kitchen that leaves the factory is a story in itself, and it brings with it a little soul with passion and enthusiasm of those who carried it out. This could not be otherwise, since each piece is repeatedly checked, verified and approved by the management during the various stages of processing. In addition to the personality of those who choose it, every kitchen sums up the experience, quality, creativity, technology and, in one word, the Pedini philosophy.


Pedini S.p.A.

Gloria Radi Temelini