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Pedrollo is an independent Pump Distributor based in South Africa. They serve the entire Southern African region only. Their team is involved in distributing Pedrollo products directly to end users and trade customers. Their services include door to door delivery normally within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Their Product portfolio is extensive. Their research and experience has resulted to their pumps being designed to satisfy all needs. For almost 40 years the Pedrollo group has been growing world-wide and continues to design and build pumps that help carry water where it is most needed.  They provide their customers with tools which will assist them to determine exactly what size unit they will need for their purpose. They also provide valuable tips and links to fantastic technical resources for anyone involved in fluid handling.

Pedrollo’s pumps improve people’s lives and have stimulated the economy of many countries such as Bangladesh, Dubai, Eritrea, and Yemen with the arrival of water. In Africa they have made water available to more than two million people, improving their standard of living and solving health problems linked to the lack of clean water. They sell directly from the internet distribution channel based in South Africa and shipped either to a Johannesburg transport/courier service, or shipped directly to the end user. Their pumps are robust in design and build. The pump range has proven itself to be favorable to most African based users due to the long service life and ability to function under adverse conditions.

Evan Lewis, Sales Personnel advises potential buyer to ensure that they correctly identify their needs in terms of flow rate, pressure and voltage and most importantly commission the pump unit correctly ensuring there is no motor overload when operating.

Lewis also commented on the emerging trends regarding the product, “The trend is for lower cost products, however as cheaper products are initially adopted by the market, frequent breakdowns, lack of immediate spares or services and the incorrect commissioning of new installations leads to premature failures, frustration and eventually the return to a professionally backed product.”

Pedrollo Water Pumps

Evan Lewis

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