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The next few years will be an interesting and progressive period for our industry as changes occur across the globe relating to ‘best practice’ around the efficient use of water. Subsequently, manufacturers will be under increasing pressure to develop products that fulfill legislative, social responsibility and consumer driven requirements.

Pegler Yorkshire is proud to have been leading the way for many years both in terms of advanced technology and innovative design aesthetics, which has led to the brand becoming one of the market leaders in the UK.

Established in 1888 Pegler Yorkshire’s main manufacturing facilities are located in Doncaster, (South Yorkshire) for brass working and Stourton, Leeds (West Yorkshire) for copper.

Pegler Yorkshire is a member of Aalberts Industries N.V. and has earned a worldwide reputation for superb quality brassware products, and its unique Connect and Control principles – featuring integrated system solutions which are setting new standards within the industry for connecting and controlling flow for heating and plumbing installations.

The company’s range of valves, taps, mixers, showers, fittings and heating products are used in 110 countries around the world, where brands like Performa, Terrier, XPress, Yorkshire, Tectite and Prestex are bywords for quality.
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Product innovation and quality manufacturing lie at the heart of Pegler Yorkshire and the company is also renowned for embracing legislative requirements and providing products that are at the forefront of technological developments to reduce water usage. Pegler Yorkshire brands Francis Pegler and Performa currently offer a number of ranges of taps that reduce the flow of water but still allows for user comfort. Many taps in the Francis Pegler range already consider water saving by using click-cartridges, where lever resistance offers the user two or three levels of reduced flow rate plus the inclusion of a flow regulator within the design.

The Performa brand by Pegler Yorkshire has long been associated with specialist technical taps designed to limit water usage, this includes sensor technologies, and self-closing taps, both of which are already widely used in commercial applications.

Looking ahead there is still much that tap manufacturers can do to aid water conservation and limit usage as well as embrace technological developments. As the digital and wireless age continues to develop there can be no doubt that bathrooms will soon accommodate technology more broadly and Pegler Yorkshire is proud to have a product development team that currently has a number of digital products in progress to supporting consumers in their drive to reduce water usage.

Pegler Yorkshire has been manufacturing taps for over 100 years, with its Francis Pegler and Performa brands leading the way in product innovation, quality and performance. The Francis Pegler range is renowned for its luxury taps for residential installations, whilst the Performa range focuses on specialist taps for the healthcare and commercial sectors.



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