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Petra S.r.l was founded in the year 2000 from the experience of the current associates and developed at national and international levels in the sectors of specialised building, chemistry and technology of materials. The company distinguishes itself for its high professional experience and its efficient and competent staff.

Their technical office offers clients consultations both in the project phase and in the preventive one. The multiplicity of the interventions, frequently realized in critical situations shows their capability of operating with success, even where traditional methods are scarcely efficient or not applicable.

They are experts in the sectors of civil and industrial building with specializations in the development and the realization of waterproofing systems, both underground and roofing, injection techniques, structural protections and reinforcements, renewal from humidity and monuments restoration.

Their solution to water leaks is by resin injections. Frequently in underground or confinement structures there are water infiltrations; a problem that cannot be resolved by traditional methods. In order to block these water leakages it is necessary to inject particular resins that highly expand and seal. The application is carried out using specific resin pumps (manual, electric…) and using highly qualified personnel.

WHERE PETRA INTERVENES: lift pits, galleries, underways,  civil and military marine works, (dams, bridges, bunkers), structures undergoing strong water pressure, composting plants, depuration plants and sewages, irrigation chanels, potable water tanks, hydric conducts, firefighting tanks, swimming pools, fountains.

CASES: blocking cracks due to sollecitations on raft foundations, floors, walls, underground structures or in contact with water, waterproofing of discontinuities in the casting phase, sealing of casing joints between walls and predalles, blocking of the passage of water along tension rods, elimination of infiltrations in pits and air wells, waterproofing of dilataion joints, closing of infiltrations from joints between diaphrams, blocking of water in the nearby passing bodies, eleimination of infiltrations from tubolars (externally badly closed), sealing of porosities, loose stone and gravel nests in concrete.

The fast growing company has set its eyes on the african market is looking for distributors in the continent.


Eric Zannier

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