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Photonworld Solar is an OEM Supplier of Renewable Energy Components, Based in the United Kingdom and boasting an operations office in the Northern Nigerian State of Kano.

Their passion is to promote and develop the use of photovoltaic modules and wind turbines as a renewable source of clean useable energy throughout the world. They have focused on Nigeria as a starting point due to their high knowledge of the country. They are interested in having agents in other African countries as well.

In Africa, many countries cannot supply all citizens stable electricity, this does not end at people sitting at home in the dark, it also impacts on healthcare institutions and security. Can you imagine a lady giving birth at night with only candlelight for the doctors and nurses to work in? In Africa the crime rate is especially high in the evening hours due to dark public streets, imagine if all the streetlights were driven by solar energy and high efficiency LED lamps. Photonworld Solar believes the advantages are so many it’s impossible to list.

Most parts of Africa have a minimum insolation of 4.5kW/M2/Day, making the continent to be truly blessed with a completely renewable source of energy, which if harnessed by solar panels can transform the lives of millions of people.

Some of their products are as follows:

  • Solar Powered Streetlight.
  • Solar Powered Borehole Pump.
  • Solar Powered CCTV System.
  • Solar Power Water Purification System.
  • Bespoke Solar Power System, for Hospitals, Clinics etc.
  • Solar Powered Security Lighting.
  • Solar Powered Advertising Boards (Billboards / Signs).
  • Solar Powered Traffic Control Systems (Traffic Lights / Pedestrian Crossings)

They have supplied and installed a range of photovoltaic systems in Nigeria ranging from street lighting to bespoke hospital power systems. They have a team of dedicated engineers on ground in Nigeria at all times to support the maintenance needs of their clients, as well as carry out installations of new projects.

Ronald Terry, the Group’s Managing Director is optimistic that in future solar power in Africa will become more and more adapted into a host of applications; from the largest systems right down to the smallest systems like street lighting. From the enquiries they receive on solar power, he says people are becoming well aware of the potential of solar power and are looking for ways to utilise it for their betterment.




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