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PIMAR s.r.l is a UNI EN ISO 9001 2008 certified society, leader in the field of the extraction and finishing of natural limetsone (Pimar Limestone) and Carparo (Coral stone) which are extracted directly from their quarries in the Lecce province.

In the last 40 years they have done a lot of projecs, public and private in all Europe, Russia, USA, Gulf area, North Africa and in the Far East. They have demonstrated quality in the creation of floorings, calddings, columns, balustrades, cornices, surroundings, arches; but also interior design elements: fireplaces, libraries, lamps, consoles, tables, washbasins and others.

Owing to their 150 years’ experience PIMAR has been able to second the creativity of the world’s major architects and designers with the guarntess of first-quality building materials. Experience, updated quarrying technologies, technicians’ counselling, highly qualified staff: that’s what they offer. PIMAR guarantees perfect completion and valuable help to any project.

Three generations of stone manufacturers, one after the other, inherited the task to offer a unique type of stone to the builders of their home country. Throughout the 150 years, PIMAR has never betrayed their aim. Since the 17th century, local artists have been able to make the most of the quality and versatility of their Lecce limestone in different types of buildings of unrivalled beauty and solidity.

The Marroccos have been widening their properties of quarries of Lecce limestone. They are now owners of a huge layer of Lecce limestone, 40 hectares wide. Their experience over the years guarantees a perfect know-how in the manufacturing of a versatile, ductile and cosmopolitan stone-a real family stone. Which is also a guarantee of quality and choice in the manufacturing of this stone, thanks to the various products offered to builders all over the world.

Top quality has always been PIMAR’s concern, the UNI EN 9001-2008 certification illustrates that. It is a certification concerning all phases in course of execution to meet all customers’ demands on the unique features of their products. The society has obtained the CE mark of their own products and it is provided by a technical bureau highly specialized in proposing the best solutions.
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