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Polyplast Group of Companies: ?Special-Purpose Chemical Products Manufacturer

Polyplast Group of Companies is a global leader in the market of BNS, which is widely used in the construction industry for the production of concrete and construction mortars. The firm has been producing chemical additives for various industries, lubricants for processing formwork and molds, glue and binders.

With the help of high-tech technologies and the expansion of the distribution network, the company is striving to create the most comfortable cooperation with the customer. At the same time the company provides a full cycle of production and realization of the products to the consumer due to the presence of its own scientific and technical basis, logistic centers, and also provides service and consulting support for our clients.

Polyplast offer a wide range of advanced chemicals subdivided into 3 main groups:

Raw materials for concrete admixtures
  • Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Superplasticizer – share 25% worldwide (in liquid and powder form);
  • Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (in liquid and powder form);
  • Lignosulfonate Plasticizer (in liquid and powder form).
Drymix mortar additives
  • Redispersible Polymer Powder (for tile adhesives C0, C1, C2, ETICS, Repair Mortars, Plasters, Finishers, Grouts etc.);
  • Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer in powder form (for self-levelling floors, oilwell construction etc.)
Dispersant for various fields, including dyestuff, gypsum wallboard, leather & textile, agriculture.
  • Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate;
  • Lignosulfonate Plasticizer and Fluidizer.

Speaking on African market Artem Agashin, Business Analyst states that, “Polyplast Group of Companies considers African market of construction chemistry one of the fastest growing one that is why we are extremely interested in promoting our advanced products in the market. At the moment we do not have any branches or agents in Africa, however, we are open to suggestions, regarding local producers.

Our product is raw material for the final product used for the projects. All, we can say is that we have long trade history with multinational companies and their offices in Africa, and we are sure that their products are used largely in top construction projects. Our products are extremely suited for African region as we have special product lines across all the applications designed to perfectly function in hot climatic conditions.”

Agashin further comment on qualities that make them stand out from the crowd of competitors in this industry: “The key aspect of our company is that we have our own R&D department which allows us to find the perfect individual solution and customize the products to client’s specifications and requirements. Moreover, our export managers and technical specialists are ready to provide timely support concerning the suitability and modifying the product on a regular basis.”

Lastly Artem Agashin reassure clients: “Considering the fact that we have been working with more than 4000 customers in more than 70 countries, we prove ourselves as a reliable supplier of quality product and quality service. Favorable geographic location of Polyplast manufacturing centers facilitates prompt deliveries all over the world along with timely technical support. Taking into consideration the fact that major players of construction market across all African region have successfully been working with us we encourage the local producers to start dealing with one of the largest chemical raw material suppliers. We mean diversification in geographic terns and Africa takes the leading position in the spheres of our interest.”






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