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PolyScience is like many global companies, PolyScience started out small but kept thinking big. Along the way, they pioneered innovations ranging from the first zero-switching circulators to the first refrigeration systems for DNA amplification to an award-winning line of culinary products. Over one million temperature control solutions have been sold under their brand name or as private label for large, well-respected manufacturers and distributors.

Their products—Refrigerated Circulators, Heated Circulators, Chillers, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths, and Custom Equipment—are designed and developed by a highly trained engineering team and manufactured in the U.S.A. to their own rigid standards as well as ISO 9001 quality requirements.

According to PolyScience’s Marketing Coordinator Kelly Gibbons their company is focused on Africa and their products can be purchased from their distributors United Scientific located in South Africa and others is Algeria and Egypt respectively. Kelly also added that their products are unique in that they have the latest features in technology and high quality at a very competitive price for the market. Their products can be used in a wide variety of industries and these industries are growing tremendously in African countries. Industries include mining, wineries, research laboratories, clinical laboratories, petroleum, and chemical, pharmaceutical.

PolyScience portable chillers are available in a range of sizes, offering heat removal required for most applications. Their 6000 Series Chillers are available with three different pump options, and range from 1/4HP to 1HP. The portable design, and integrated locking casters make these chillers extremely mobile. PolyScience 6000 Series chillers are also energy-efficient.

The 3/4HP and 1HP 6000 Series chillers also feature WhisperCool® – their patented, adaptive environmental control system reduces operational noise, optimizes compressor and evaporator performance, decreases overall energy consumption and prolongs compressor life.



Kelly Gibbons

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