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Promise Buildings, LLC has an average 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of commercial, education, institutional and residential modular structures. They provide buildings utilizing modular construction. The depth of their experience includes working as and with designers in running the site installation aspects of a successful project.

Modular construction has many different names, Modular Buildings, Systems Built Construction, Portable Buildings, Prefabricated Buildings or Pre-engineered Buildings. A simple description of their modular building is a building that has been built in sections that include floor systems, walls and ceiling finished in a factory setting. Ideally, most of the finishes, electrical, plumbing and HVAC are installed and tested at the factory in a controlled environment before they are delivered to the site, erected side by side and stacked to create a complete structure ideally suited for its specific use.

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They utilize the modular building approach for building space needs for many uses. Their modular buildings are installed on foundations and anchored down to be secure and safe.  Some foundations are constructed of masonry block and others are poured concrete.  It depends upon the use of the building. Their objective to every project is to first, understand their client’s needs, the budget and then determine the amount of space they should consider for the use.

The advantages of modular construction method are time saving through the efficiency of factory automation and performing the site work and foundations while the modular building is being constructed. Simplifying the construction process and controlling cost, additional cost savings are realized because the expedited schedule reduces carrying cost. At the same time, finished structures of equal or better quality that use conventional construction techniques are provided. Quality inspection is constant by their dedicated quality control department and their factory workers ensuring consistent quality levels.

Joe Wilson, Sales Manager advises potential buyers to seek knowledge in the product they desire from research and investigation.  He says, one should be willing to realize that, the idea may not be achievable and may need to be adjusted to come to fruition.


Mr. Wilson also comments on the emerging trends regarding the product that, prefab modular could be competing directly with the typical site built construction.  Architects and Engineers are beginning to realize the advantages of modular construction and the ability to customize prefab modular building projects.  Projects will be designed on a large scale utilizing prefab modular components from the onset of design, not as an afterthought to combat high construction costs.




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