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PST Technology is a dynamic Italian company which strength relies on field experience and know-how acquired during many years of electric pumps manufacturing. Employing highly qualified staff in R&D, production and sales among others, the company is firmly oriented to expand its domestic and international markets based on innovation and new technology applications.

PST Technology designs and produces a wide range of electric pumps, in particular Sand-Fighter submersible pumps (3″, 4″ and 6″ inches variants), complete with motors, electric cabling and control box; these innovative pumps are high-end engineering products that guarantee the best reliability.

PST Technology series is able to handle up to 1300 lt/min, in depths up to 450 m with combined solution of stainless steel and techno-polymers resistant for any electric pumps, a PST motor specifically developed for application to submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps, with protection to achieve highest reliability and resilience. PST Technology pumps resist to sand and other abrasives up to 400gr/m3.

PST Technology systems are used in many different situations, where efficient water exploitation is required: from field irrigation, subterranean water extraction for civil and industrial plants to big fountains jets or seawater and others.

The PST Technology electric pumps range can be fed by photovoltaic accumulation systems also called island systems. Whenever linking the electro pump to an available electric grid is not possible, the PST system allows one to achieve pumping flexibility in the following applications: irrigation of farmlands or sport fields; irrigation of automated hot houses; civil housing; farms; treatment of drinking waters; treatment of waters in mines.

Photovoltaic panels, highly resistant to atmospheric phenomena and pollution, with fixed or movable support structures with batteries for energy accumulation in day time, supply the flexible solution for every requirement.

It is possible to use the available electric grid through hybrid inverters, however in case of power shortage; the feeding of the electro pump can be switched to the photovoltaic system. The PST Technology systems can be, upon request, remote controlled via dedicated panels with suitable assistance during the system assembly and start up.

Their products can be found in African countries like Tunisia and Morocco and are 100% made in Italy.


PST Technology

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