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Quantum Petroleum (M) Sdn Bhd is an Australian based lubricant plant established since 2005 in Pulau Indah Industrial park, Port Klang, Malaysia. Quantum Petroleum perfected unique automated manufacturing processes resulting in highly consistent manufacturing process with 99.9% accuracy which enhances efficiency & effectiveness, lowering manufacturing costs and yield high profitability.

They ensure the quality of end product is next to none through optimizing quality of raw materials, work processes, quality assurance and quality control. Their  intellectual process monitoring & control systems is attached with computerized and controlled software established specifically for Quantum Petroleum specific requirement with 35,000 programmable items, which is pending Industrial Intellectual Property. This system gives them accurate, reliable and timely information to manage the plant; by minimizing human intervention to generate information in managing the plant.

They produce a wide range of lubricants for various applications which is inclusive but not limited to ocean going vessels, Ships and Boats of various capacities, Heavy Duty vehicles, Passenger cars, Hydraulics, Gear and Axle oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Motorcycle Oils and also various industrial oils. Currently, they produce and market 93 types of lubricant products worldwide. They also issue a written Guarantee on using virgin base oil with highest grade additives as the raw material for manufacturing the lubricants.

All their lubricants have proven results of 10-18% of fuel savings, better pick-up in the engines, smoothness in engine operation, lower heat in the engine and lowered maintenance cost.

They also develop oil monitoring programs to effectively monitor the performance of engine oil and to extend the change interval for lubricant for fleets in heavy duty vehicles and mining equipments.

Ralph Michael

Managing Director

Quantum Petroleum (M) Sdn Bhd

[email protected]