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Rachiele manufacturers of custom copper sinks. They are known in the industry to build the finest copper sinks in the world.

The company has patents on many of their designs and innovations. They feature their Signature Series sink which have a ledge on the inside of the front and back of the bowl that allows for a copper drain grid and various cutting boards to sit just below countertop level. Food preparation can be done completely on top of the sink.

Their newest design, the Evolution sink has two tiers inside the bowl for two layers of cutting boards, mixing bowls, serving trays and more. They place the drain in the rear corner of the sink so that large items can be placed inside the sink without covering the drain. According to Rachiele’s President Dino Rachiele their company focuses on all markets globally and their products can be acquired from them directly with true wholesale prices. Dino advises consumers to consider more of copper sinks that require no maintenance and which can take more abuse than stainless sink.

On emerging trends in the industry Dino said copper is becoming known worldwide as an antimicrobial metal killing e-coli and MRSA within minutes. It is the most sanitary product available for a sink therefore encouraging users to consider copper sinks.

Their copper and stainless steel sinks are custom made and take only a few weeks to build. They are known for their copper sinks however, they do build a fantastic stainless steel sink. The company believes you will find Rachiele copper sinks stand alone as the finest on the market today.



Dino Rachiele

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