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As the polymer specialist, REHAU is an international company that supplies system solutions to the automotive, industrial and construction sectors. The company offers an extensive range of innovative PVC products for these sectors, offering unique performance and design features that integrate seamlessly into their customers’ environments

REHAU significantly influences the construction market with their product ranges for window systems, heating and plumbing solutions, as well as Civil Engineering applications.  The main focus lies on energy efficiency, water management and infrastructure solutions.

The company’s energy efficient products for the construction sector enhance comfort, reduce energy costs and create healthy environments. For example, REHAU’s thermally efficient uPVC windows and heating/cooling solutions conserve the earth’s finite resources.

REHAU in Africa

“Africa is a growing market with a strong growth potential for REHAU.  We are already established in South Africa and are expanding into East and West Africa. In South Africa we have Sales Consultants in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

We also have two automotive plants in Port Elizabeth and East London, showing that REHAU has long term investments in Southern Africa. Our uPVC window and door range has been installed in several housing developments in Southern Africa, from low cost residential units to middle market and upper end homes.  Some high profile institutions such as Embassies have also been supplied with our uPVC windows and doors. They are also available in Ghana and Kenya,” explains Mark Stoltz, Sales Director – Southern Africa.

Innovative developments for the African Market

Stoltz states that, “The REHAU uPVC window range includes a newly developed profile system called Afrislim, that is engineered for the African continent.  This profile system has just been launched in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana.  Our products offer UV stability, lower thermal calculations, sound attenuation and security. “

Whether new construction or replacement – with windows and doors made of REHAU profile systems you can meet all your requirements. This means that both individually designed and standard projects can be supplied with windows and doors made of REHAU uPVC profile systems.

Durable, energy efficient and noise reducing

REHAU Afrislim profiles are made from our high performance formula RAU-PVC 1476 to suit the most trying climate conditions, such as extreme temperatures or salt-laden, sea air. This means they are durable, UV stable and will keep their looks for many years.

The Afrislim windows can be fitted with single (one pane of glass) or double glazing (two panes of glass with an air gap). Double glazed windows greatly enhance the energy efficiency of uPVC windows.

REHAU’s uPVC window profiles combined with double glazing reduces external noise outside so that you can enjoy a quiet life.

The smooth surface of the REHAU uPVC window profile is quickly and easily cleaned, leaving time for the things that matter.

Mark Stoltz urges clients to ensure that they are dealing with a reputable company when deciding on the supplier of window systems.  “Don’t look at product price and availability only, but also make certain that you are dealing with a reputable company that believes in quality and sustainability.”

REHAU is looking to expand into the East and West Africa.  Any potential uPVC window and door fabricators that wish to offer uPVC windows/doors to their customers can contact us to discuss their requirements. “

The corporate headquarters for this business is in Rehau, Germany.  The South African head office is situated in Port Elizabeth.