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Rektol GmbH & Co. KG; high-performance lubricants

Rektol GmbH & Co. KG produces and develops high-performance lubricants for automotive and industrial sector as well as classic oils for veteran, vintage and classic vehicles. The over 125 years of market experience and development competence of their family-owned business allows them a precise determination and manufacture of lubricants for every application.

Classic car oils

With their own Oil-Classic-line, they offer a wide range of classic lubricants for the collector’s vehicles. Rektol factory produces all classic lubricants according to the valid original specifications valid at that time.

The question of the correct lubricant is not an easy one to answer, especially in the area of classic vehicles, because very often, the operating instructions are no longer available or antiquated technical information must be converted to today’s standard. The historical and extensive manufacturing experience allow them to provide a sound advice to customers.

In the area of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles and machines the company highly share the passion of the owners and enthusiasts for the automobile. In this case they produce all classic lubricants according to the valid original specifications of the old times. Furthermore the company can rely on our extensive historical manufacturing data from our 120 years of experience and development competence. This allows them to supply you with the right product for the right application as REKTOL stands for premium quality and highest customer satisfaction.

The roots of the brand REKTOL

Through long-term partnership-oriented business relationships, hard work and a lot of commitment over four generations, REKTOL is today one of the most trusted and longest established lubricant manufacturers in Germany. The lubricants are manufactured exclusively in the middle of Germany, in the REKTOL factories I and II.

Only the best raw materials are used in the environmentally compatible manufacturing processes. Over four generations, REKTOL lubricants have been used successfully in millions of vehicles and machines – worldwide. For lubricants from their own production in Germany the company uses only carefully selected base oils and additives, which is proven in practice in the long-standing partnership with their suppliers.

The key to the firm’s success is based on the over 125 years lubricant experience, which is reflected in the high-quality of our lubricants, environmentally compatible manufacturing processes and the responsible use of the raw materials distinguish the commitment of the Pohlmann company and its employees to a clean environment. Altogether, compliance with the high requirements on their premium lubricant products and a continuous process of improvement in all company divisions are the main basis of their successful company‘s history.

REKTOL has an in-house process oriented quality management system, which especially manages and monitors technical processes as well as the implementation of customer requirements. This management system has been systematically developed over decades and was successfully implemented in 2007, adapted to the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9000 ff.

They are conscious of their responsibility towards future generations and pay special attention to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes which save resources and protect the environment. In addition to the firm’s own brand Rektol©, they realize contract manufacturing in any quantity, quality and design for their customers along with on time delivery with their company vehicle fleet.

The fulfillment of customer specific solutions such as special packages or special labels including permanent stockage of complete range of lubricants as well as environmentally friendly disposal of used oil and packages is their daily business. In this context they consider themselves as a supplier and disposer, who saves the limited resources and protects the environment.

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