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RHEINZINK is upholding its reputation as a leading company in the realm of high-quality products for the construction industry, RHEINZINK provides a comprehensive range of roof and facade systems that facilitate both traditional and individual solutions for every taste and style, distinguished by the modern look and aesthetics that RHEINZINK-Titanium-Zinc is known for.

By creating weatherproof and durable building envelopes, the use of metal facade systems and external wall cladding are of increasing importance to the construction sector, particularly where individualised design is a prerequisite.

The metal facade with its wide range of options is an exemplary means of expression used extensively throughout the world, and in this context RHEINZINK is constantly developing and redesigning many types of facade systems and manual cladding techniques.

Currently the RHEINZINK sales programme includes more than ten different systems for facades and external walls alone. In particular, this involves modern facade versions such as corrugated and trapezoidal profiles as well as reveal, shiplap and horizontal panels. In addition, there are small and large format tiles, angled standing seams, roll caps and various special seam forms, still so popular in modern buildings.

Thus it can be seen that RHEINZINK facade systems can be used for virtually any construction need, allowing all design preferences to be satisfied. The material and resulting systems meet all the modern requirements for environmental sustainability, safety, product quality and reusability.

Their products are used in African countries like South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Guinea, Kenya and Mauritius.

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