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AS Ritsu is a unique log home industries and lines of production technology, the company was designed and built by engineers in the mechanical engineering department of Ritsu. Products have achieved success in the world market due to the synergy of the two industry-based developments.

Largely automated CNC technology based manufacturing process allows to obtain a highly accurate result for high-speed operation. The maximum capacity of the factory at the same time produces different wall profiles of the houses, thanks to fill orders quickly.

Local engineers have added value through the log houses with modern technological applications. So the company is able to offer a number of innovative solutions, which cannot given on the most renowned factories in the world. During the production process the factory makes round log houses in two production lines.

Timber framed and square log homes – use four production lines. From 2010 products from the company are customized and Ritsu is furnished with two manufacturing facilities.

Wooden prefab housing manufacturing is done for four years on desktop and the system also includes an automatic pre-cutting line and roof trusses manufacturing.

The main markets include Germany, Norway, UK, Spain, Japan, Ireland, France, Finland, Italy, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Estonia. Over the years, Ritsu has been exported to 40 countries worldwide.


AS Ritsu

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