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Roofingreen was created and developed in Turin, Italy, and is based on twenty years of multi-disciplinary experiences of a team specialized in architecture, construction and design.

A team who has been able to give an answer to the needs of innovation with a creative and practical idea. The basic idea of Roofingreen takes into account the requirements of sustainability in modern-day art of building, satisfying these needs with a number of products which improve the concept of living space.

Roofingreen Nature is a slightly elevated and aerated modular coverage of useable outside living areas with thermal-acoustic insulation and aesthetic properties, and the new Roofingreen Nature Side provides thermal-acoustic insulation and aesthetic improvements of facades. The constant search for innovative solutions with low environmental impact has led to the design and development of products which resulted from up-to-date architectural know-how: it is modular and thus easy to handle, adjustable for multiple applications in new construction and renovation work such as in sustainable upgrading of existing horizontal and vertical (facade) surfaces.

A radically new and patented product, easy to place and without maintenance which combines energy savings with a pleasant aesthetic and seemingly natural appearance of the surface.

Products offered by the company include roofingreen nature side which is an outdoor module for covering and insulating vertical ventilated walls.

Roofingreen nature an outdoor module for insulating and covering ventilated flooring, roofingreen nature led for outdoor floor access module for covering and insulating ventilated flooring with integrated lights.

Roofingreen nature drain which is an outdoor module for the drain covers of flat surfaces.

According to experts in the company, the need to reduce energy consumption and fight climate change is nowadays a global priority. This is a responsibility that Roofingreen considers from the early stages of the industrial production, Thanks to the modular system and to a high level of recyclability of the raw materials making up the components, the technical features themselves of the products contribute to this global search for sustainability, not only providing thermal insulationof the opaque envelope, but also avoiding the waste of hydric resources and reducing waste production.



Paola Vendrame

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