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Roving software is used to automate the assignment of space and equipment within any building and deals with building automation.

Roving allows people who work in a building to reserve an office or conference room when they plan to be at that building or need to hold a meeting. When they are on the road or visiting a client they don’t need an office so it is available for someone else to reserve.

Roving is for companies that want to maximize usage of their buildings and have a workforce that isn’t always in a particular office. It maximizes usage of a building’s space and saves money by allowing a company to grow while delaying expansion into more building space.

Roving is a comprehensive, adaptable workspace management solution for employees and administrators. Make it simple for your employees to reserve shared workspace and manage scheduling and calendars. Provide administrators valuable, detailed usage statistics to enable informed decisions about office expansion.

According to Joel Spafford Director Roving Software Products RoviSys products has been using Roving for about one year now. In that time frame it has proven to be a very useful and valuable software solution for automating their office, conference room and tool reservations.

They have also worked to make it ready for use by any other company in the global marketplace. Roving is a cloud based application that they can setup for any location which includes Africa. This has been proven since they have three offices in the USA, one in Singapore and one in Europe who are all using Roving.

Joel added that the only reason it is not currently found in Africa is because of its newness and  their recent decision to begin selling it but they do have two other software products that are intended for the industrial process control environment and sold worldwide from  their office in Aurora, USA. Those products have been sold to companies in South Africa and Tanzania.




Spafford, Joel

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