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SA French provides rapid vertical access on construction sites

SA French are priding themselves in filling a gap in the market by providing rapid vertical access on construction sites for material using high-speed hoists which complement established fleet of tower cranes for provision of cost- effective and efficient options for customers.

In a market that is competitive with a steady rise in economic growth, the construction industry players are faced with the task of coming up with methods as well as products that will be able to meet clients’ needs. Moreover, they should also consider factors such as time frame and cost.

Quentin van Breda, the MD SA French elaborates that traditionally, electric tower cranes have been used at construction sites for the horizontal and lateral movement of material. He however, points out the costliness of machines and the number of cranes able to fit in a limited area, owing to their size. In addition, cranes are useful for the movement of material, but not for personnel.

Tower cranes are preferably used in the erection of the main structure after which are replaced with hoists for carrying materials and personnel for the completion of the finishing needed for the structure.

This, Van Breda says, will provide a more cost-effective and efficient option, freeing up cranes that can then be used for other projects. Furthermore, work is guaranteed to move at a faster rate, which is almost twice the speed of older hoists.

SA French’s credit score has been validated further by the success of the hoists at a State-owned power utility last year. Van Breda adds that hoists can provide a permanent solution for on-vertical access eliminating the need to hire equipment that otherwise would have been used during regular maintenance shutdowns.

The unveiling of hoists is set open SA French to a wide range of sectors inasmuch as they have traditionally tied to construction.

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