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SAER objective is that of optimize energy costs, giving high efficiency products: few companies in the water industry have the capability to project and manufacture tailor made solutions for diversified markets. SAER distinguishes itself for advanced solutions completely made in Italy in an extended and completed range, using high quality materials with complete process automation, ensuring top delivery times and a unique flexibility. Thanks to this SAER was chosen to realize for a very important water supply work in Iraq a new series of multistage double suction split case pump.

The project has been entirely studied, engineered, manufactured and tested in SAER premises.

SAER is a unique reality in its kind, a family run company but with presence in over 100 countries, they offer flexibility, complete automated production, R&D dept and knowhow of over 60 years of history; all this joint to an impressive delivery time: whether we are speaking about small, medium size or big pumps, SAER’s one is settled among the best on the market also because of the real and complete made in Italy production.

SAER range is recognized as one of the most capable and extensive one: surface and submersible motors up to 400 HP, split casing pumps up to 5000 m³/h,  high pressure pumps up to 60 bars, end suction, monoblock, multistage and residential pumps & booster sets.  The products are manufactured to stringent quality standards utilizing materials selected from their reliability and durability such as bronze marine, DUPLEX, stainless steel AISI 316, carbon steel etc.


To better serve its customers, SAER provides expertise and competence as well as next-generation solutions for water pumping. In SAER premises there are two state of the art testing rooms where the tests may be carried out in the presence of accredited bodies for the certification tests or witnessed by the customer.

Surface and submersible pumps, surface electric pumps, submersible electric pump, surface and submersible motors: all of these items can be tested inside SAER facilities.


The technologies offered by SAER made the Italian Company the perfect partner also for industries and contractors operating in fields such as mining, off shore and naval, where for example, the delivery time and high quality are the issue. In fact the costs of operation and maintenance account for the largest share of the total cost of a pump throughout its life cycle. So it is necessary to have a high quality product, with top performances and easiness of maintenance, available in short time. Thanks to the wide range of distributors and Partners all over the world, SAER is able to provide the right solution also for these particular fields. An example is the supplying done recently of the series NCBV pump for the recycling of water in a boat. SAER is official supplier of some of the most important Oil and Gas Company further to many mines all over the world.

SAER now is also multimedial: the SAER Pump Selector can be downloaded from App store or Google Play. SAER can be followed also on Face book (SAER.Elettropompe) where you can follow the latest news and also be informed on the promotions of the Company or Instagram (saerelettropompe), where it is possible to have a look at all-day happenings in SAER.

Their products are found in African countries like Algeria Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal and Mali. They are also looking for distributors in Africa.


SAER Elettropompe SpA

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