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Scaldalai is an Italian company that came into the market about 40 years ago thanks to the will and determination of Messrs Scaldalai. The company, initially limited to the spare parts sector has directed its steps over the years towards series production of high-voltage transformers.

Today it satisfies a wide range of Italian and foreign customers, boasting names of outstanding prestige. This has been their driving force for constant commitment to the development of the materials and technologies of the sector and, above all, of solutions addressing the multifarious market realities.

Earnestness, scrupulousness and lastly competitiveness are ample warrants that their products undergo continuous control with fit instrumentation in each working phase. Some tools for checking the products are tested with sample standard products daily, in their turn, are tested in SIT center yearly.

All their materials are sample tested and the production date and relative lot number are written on the label. For lots of no less than 10 items, they release a testing certification where there are, besides the technical description of a transformer, all the electric measures observed during the checking phase. This procedure makes their products reliable through time, with ensuing economic saving for the customer.

They manufacture the series 2000 transformers that are used as ignition devices for gas and gas oil burners. Their production experience and the use of good quality equipment and of first rate materials have allowed them to realize a quality product with noteworthy merits such as: very high electric insulation, thermal dissipation, minimal dimensions, very easy to assemble, wide tension range, several fastening and plugging possibilities.

The continuous duty models have been realized to be used with water-cleaning engines, since such engines usually work without flame control device. All their transformers are provided with a sound-deadening screen, in accordance with the European Standard 89/336. They remind the clients that such screen always has to be grounded. And to avoid further nuisance, a resistive filter can be set on the cables.



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