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Schneider Electric was established in 1836 and has over the years grown from making iron sheets, steel, and ship building to electricity and automation management. Its international reach and product innovation ensures customers enjoy safe, reliable, efficient and productive energy.

Energy demand is expected to double due to demographic, economic and industrial growth worldwide and the company is aiming to providing green gas emission strategy.

In the energy and infrastructure sector our company offers process control and supervision, power supply and distribution, energy monitoring and control, utility management, smart electrical networks management, single site or multi site production data management, offer prepayment systems that bring electricity to disadvantaged customers and critical power.

We primarily target water and waste treatment plans, oil and gas infrastructure, marine sector, electrical utilities among others.

In the industry market our products include process automation, machine control and monitoring, power supply & distribution, energy monitoring and control, utility management and critical power.

In data centres and networks we offer security, training and maintenance,  online supervision and analysis, electrical distribution, energy monitoring and cooling, architecture design and installation audits, cooling systems with a unique rack based cooling technique to avoid overheating, and leading edge UPS systems, electrical switchgear, generators among others.

In building products and services include multi site remote management, power supply and distribution, data exchange, utility management, multi site remote management, security, and critical power.

In the residential sector products and services are designed for single family homes and apartment buildings and include security, critical power, voice data images, home automation and power supply & distribution.

There is a strong R&D partnership between Schneider electric and leading organizations worldwide such as universities, independent laboratories, private companies, local and national government agencies.

The R&D hubs are spread in Grenoble, Shanghai, Monterrey and Bangalore. The company also  contributes to the development of the society through programmes in education, awareness raising and vocational training related to energy.

With growing electrical needs, new methods of generation and application the company has established a customer care centre that deals with all consumer enquiries making energy use easy and safe.

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