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Seaqual is a South African plastic injection-moulding manufacturer of specialized and bespoke plumbware.

This includes

  • Shower, channel and down pipe drains
  • Full-bores
  • Pipe anchors and other plumbing related, cost-saving products.

Their products are designed to solve problems and make the plumber’s life easier.

Materials used to make their products include

  • ABS
  • Polypropylene
  • High density polyethylene
  • Glass-filled nylon
  • Natural rubber
  • 304 and 316 marine grade stainless steel all chosen because of their strength and durability.

All their products are also 100% recyclable, right down to the packaging. 

Seaqual’s product range can be categorized as follows:

Internal floor drains
WetFloor Drain, LoLo Drain and VitylDrain which are all complete with a large, robust waterproofing flange and an innovative, removable Well & Trap.

WetFloor Drain is a fantastic shower drain solution.

Lolo Drain is a low-profile version of WetFloor Drain.

VitylDrain is for vinyl floor applications.

Last in the category is their cost-effective, Grate & Waste which can be purchased on its own for external installations or paired with a P-Trap for indoor use to form their DrainMate. 

External surface drains
BalconyDrain, RainDrain, HyDrain, QualiDrain and 4All Channel.

BalconyDrain is essentially the outdoor version of the WetFloor Drain ideal for all external applications. 

RainDrain is Seaqual’s flagship product and comes with a range of problem-solving features such as a built-in sump, a side profile that matches that of a paving brick as well as a neoprene foam collar around the outlet to allow the device to be tilted to match the surrounding surface slope.

RainDrain is a brilliant storm water drainage solution.
For example, the bottom of a gutter down pipe. 

HyDrain is their modern solution to the traditional, cumbersome cast iron full bores and is complete with a polypropylene weather-resistant, two-tiered, domed leaf-guard grate. 

4All is their entry-level 1m long channel drain imported from Mufle in Italy and is complete with either a black HD-PE or galvanized steel grate. 

Finally, there’s QualiDrain, their top of the range channel drain solution that consists of 250mm channels that fit seamlessly together to create a custom channel or catchpit of any shape and size without the need for additional accessories like junction boxes.

QualiDrain has an elegant diamond-pattern, non-slip grate with a massive load bearing capacity of up to 15T. 

Pipe anchors and cost-saving devices
BuddyBats, BuddyClips, HiddenHatch, Ceiling Saver and EezyPlumb.

Their BuddyBat & BuddyClip pipe anchors are unique because they encapsulate the pipe significantly reducing water hammer and copper/cable theft.

BuddyBats are installed on plumbing pipes and come in a wide variety of colours and sizes such as: 15mm, 22mm, 28mm and 32mm,
While BuddyClips which come in white, anchor electrical conduit and come in two sizes; 20mm and 25mm. 

HiddenHatch is a long-term cost saving inspection hatch that allows for quick and easy access for maintenance and repairs to built-in baths, spa-baths, and Jacuzzis.

Ceiling Saver is also one of their cost-saving devices and is installed over the vacuum breakers of a hot water geyser preventing internal flood damage by redirecting water outside of the home in the event of vacuum breaker failure.  

Seaqual’s R&D division has finalised research on an innovative product called EezyPlumb which will shortly be introduced. 

It is an enclosed, space-saving, easily accessible water trap that is built into the wall of the building. 

As there is no comparable product worldwide, patents have been registered in several countries.  

Along with product patents, Seaqual has designed and own their moulds and injection-moulding machines used to manufacture the plastic components that make up their products.

All product moulds and master samples are stored in a fireproof room on the premises. 

Their staff members undergo extensive ongoing training to ensure an exceptional standard of quality is maintained with each product that is manufactured, checked and packaged in their factory.

Further to this, their WetFloor and Full-Bore range has been certified by Agrément South Africa and they are also a registered importer and exporter with ISO 9001 certification.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact them. 


Email: [email protected]

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