Shelter Afrique Partners with Kingspride Properties

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Shelter Afrique a Pan African institution and Kingspride Properties had to embrace the connection between having accurate perceptions and developing productive relationships. The shelter Afrique team was quick to be more objective and insightful in looking beyond portrayals in popular media avenues and opted to learn from local partners who are more in touch with local trends and values. This saw a development marriage that is more solid than one would have perceived, a common goal to provide affordable housing to the Kenyan market, Kingspride properties and shelter Afrique signed into an agreement to develop two huge projects in Ruaka and Kiambu Road areas. The trickle-down effect of this partnership is real—the two institutions are now actualizing what they envisioned during the planning period of 2015. The provision of affordable homes and ownership option tones has been set with the right energies to create an atmosphere for progress. The two institutions have maintained a strategy to:

  1. Constantly examine and adjust the market trends and the associated forces on a corporate level.
  2. Pursue the Power of Accurate Market Sight (PAMS) by researching on new information and perspectives that shape our market penetration and sector operations.
  3. Cement Relationships on the Right Corporate Values by aligning ourselves with the right financial partners of like-minded mentalities and motives.
  4. Learn to Learn: Approach partnerships with a willingness to learn which has seen us penetrate the market differently and with a bang.
  5. Embrace the Wider Scope of our Responsibility as Leaders in home ownership solutions.


This has seen us embrace a great sense of responsibility and charge beyond the desire to make profit. The future of the Kenyan real estate platform depends on the key players willing to rise to the challenge and embrace authenticity as the new normal.