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The kitchen, from time immemorial, has been considered the heart of the home. It is from there that food the most essential need of life is prepared. This is the reason adequate attention needs to be placed on fittings used in the kitchen.

We need to look beyond beautiful kitchen furnishings that are ephemeral and focus on durable furnishings that will give the cookroom the endearing effect. From my experience furnishing homes, I have seen the kind of attention the woman pays particularly to her kitchen. She wants it to be a pleasure to come to and sincerely the Siematic fittings have never failed to deliver just that. It creates that dreamy look and feel, just the way you have envisioned it.

Siematic products offer exclusive modern and traditional designs that suit all lifestyle. There is indeed a huge difference between an ordinary kitchen and a Siematic kitchen. No matter your space or budget, Siematic products have got something for you and it will make a huge difference from anything else.

To achieve innovation and creativity, Siematic products have always incorporated classic kitchen elements with modern subtle ideas for a beautiful and functional kitchen. With tested and proven quality of workmanship and designs, Siematic products are built to last for longer with the assurance that your new kitchen won’t be outdated tomorrow.

We at IL Bagno Nigeria are proud to be associated with Siematic’s Kitchen fittings. Founded in 2003, IL Bagno Nigeria is undeniably the masters of the complete home experience with kitchen, bathroom and lighting solutions that allow for a wide range of choices in the selection of life enhancing fittings for functionality and elegance.


Michael Owolabi, CEO Il Bagno Nigeria

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