Siemens to add 14,400 MW to Egypt’s national grid

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The German based power company Siemens is now aiming to add over 14,400 MW to Egyptian’s national grid by May 2018 as they complete their ongoing power projects.

According to the company officials the company is currently working on three projects that includes one in Borolos, New Administrative Capital, and Beni Suef.

The official added that the three projects will be able to be complete by 2018 and all are expected to produce enough power to meet the needs od the over 45 million population in Egypt.

The power will record an increase to the total grid’s current capacity by 50%. Furthermore, about 26% of electricity will be produced through Siemens’s products.

Siemens has provided Egypt with a large part of its distribution grid, where it supports sustainable development and long-term economic growth.

The officials added that their Fortuna station is considered the world’s largest power plant, in terms of its efficiency that amounts to 61%. This power plant is the blueprint for the new stations that will be established in Egypt in Borolos, the New Administrative Capital, and Beni Suef in terms of efficiency, maintenance periods, and low gas consumption.

The stations are expected to be operational for the next 25 years.

Lothar Balling, Executive Vice President of Siemens, said that the Fortuna station is a tourism monument in Dusseldorf, where the glass building is lit with three distinguished colours.
Balling explained that the station has one of the largest turbines in the world as well as 16 boilers to produce air as hot as 1,600 degrees that is used to run the turbines and then distribute it to houses. The Fortuna station is environment friendly.

Balling added that the Fortuna station reduces about 1.6m tonnes of carbon dioxide per year through each of its 600 MW units. The station is located in the west-side of Dusseldorf in front of the Rhine River, on which it relies for central cooling.