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Sistema Masa is a Spanish company located in Barcelona. They are manufacturers of cladding systems for ventilated facades and are able to offer a full range of anchors for mortared facades, direct anchors and systems based in structural aluminium rails for ventilated facades. They can work with heavy materials such as marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, etc… or with light materials such as ceramics, terracotta, fibre cement and others.

Their systems provide several advantages compared to the systems available on the market. Thanks to their wide range of products, together with the assistance of their technical department, they are able to offer the most suitable and secure system according to every project need. They guarantee the best results and solutions. Sistema Masa is synonymous with quality and safety, supported with over 50,000 projects installed in 47 countries, being the only enterprise around the world with ETA (European Technical Approval).

Due to their experience and knowledge on the cladding with ventilated façades they are leaders of the Spanish market, and since 2004 they have spread to different countries such as UAE, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada, Poland, Chile, Mexico, Morocco, Angola and Algeria.

The ventilated façade is a reality today because it has many advantages over the substitute products; currently they are having inquiries from Libya, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea and Algeria and they are working on a huge project of 12.000 m2 in Morocco.

Sistema Masa
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