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SkyFoundry is a leading technology company in the automation industry focusing on data analytics to help owners and operators gain maximum value from their building automation systems.

When we design and implement building systems we take our best understanding of those systems and implement control sequences based on specification requirements, and the information available at the time. This leaves open a number of major questions – Are the control sequences doing the “right” things? Were the assumptions correct? Are they still running as expected? Have they been interfered with or overridden by human operators?

Answering these questions effectively, consistently and reliably is a major challenge. Modern facilities are too complex for this to be done solely by humans. There are too many devices and too much data. The result is that building systems rarely operate at maximum efficiency.

SkyFoundry’s analytic software automatically analyzes data from automation systems, sensors, metering systems and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. This ever-present expert dramatically streamlines facilities management and identifies issues that cannot be found through human effort alone.

Applications for operational analytics include;

Fault detection – finding patterns in sensor data that represent equipment failures, anomalies or degraded performance.

Energy Analysis – analytic rules look for deviations in expected energy performance.

Validate the results of investments in energy savings measures. Monitoring and verification of results produced by investments in energy conservation measures (ECMs) is a key requirement to insure adequate return on investment. Automating the analytics process reduces the cost associated of M&V effort, and makes the process continuous.

Virtually all buildings, both old and new have operational issues. The challenge is to find them in order to eliminate waste, cost and comfort impacts. SkyFoundry’s advanced analytics technology make is possible to take advantage of this data to identify operational issues and achieve improved performance. Today, the software is deployed across over 8200 buildings worldwide.

John Petze from Sky Foundry says that they have completed successful projects in Tunisia and they are looking for engineering firms involved in commissioning and energy engineering, and systems integrators involved in building automation systems.


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