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Smart Energy Solutions is a leading provider of power across Middle East, Africa and South East Asia region, and helps clients achieve high productivity and profitability with minimal downtime. It also helps clients get the most of their operations with minimal resources and in safe conditions. All industries, including mining, shipping, chemical plants, construction, utility, industrial and mining, are well covered in the range of SES innovative power products.

Headquartered in Jebel Ali Free Zone, SES provides Emergency, Seasonal Demand, immediate replacements, Remote off-grid applications or Grid supplement power for clients across all industries, thanks to its range of silent diesel and gas generator sets, MV transformers, load banks, fuel management systems, panels, switchgears and accessories. The company has products and facilities in Saudi, Qatar, Oman and East Africa at the moment.

SES has offices in Nairobi, Kenya that helps cover East and Southern Africa, while an office in Lagos, Nigeria ensures the company covers west and North Africa.

SES’s generators range from smaller 50 kVA generator sets to 1250 kVA and the synchronized Multi MW medium voltage power plants that can provide power even in the most remote areas in Africa. The Utility Grade Unit range of generators is 800 kVA TO 1250 kVA wjile industrial units range from 250 kVA.

Commitment to health and safety concerns and environmental footprint reduction is possible with the company’s investment in Diesel and Gas reciprocating engines.

SMART Generators

According to Rabie Naamani, the Commercial Director at SES, SES has been operating a 30 MW peak shaving power plant at 33 KV in Dodoma Tanzania.

“Our genset are designed as mobile power plants in plug and play configuration where the power plant can be upgraded from 5 up to 100 MW easily within less than a month,” adds Rabie.

Committed to Quality, Reliability and Availability, the company also offers design and application engineering services, generator installation, commissioning for projects, maintenance, and emergency response for power needs.


Rabie Naamani,
Commercial Director,
SES SMART Energy Solutions
[email protected]