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SLI is a fully integrated third party producer of lubricants. The perfect synergy of all its units: production, logistics and sales is the competitive advantage that makes SLI one of the leaders in the Italian market. The company in Italy was founded in 1993 and in 1994 was acquired by Decal S.p.A. which, till today, is the major shareholder.

Today SLI is the only Italian blending plant with a technologically advanced logistic platform dedicated to only lubricants and complementary products. With over 20 years of experience, SLI can be considered a perfectly integrated company in every function, from raw material supply until the dispatch of finished and packaged goods.

In the past SLI has been one of the first companies to use software dedicated to the remote programming and control of all phases of production. Products are blended according to each client’s formulations, taking into consideration the delivery time and the quantities required by each client. The total automation and the high flexibility at production level is in fact the competitive advantage that makes SLI one the market leaders.

In terms of formulation, SLI can work with its own recipes as well as with those provided by the client. In this case, the data protection is guaranteed by sophisticated software which assures the maximum privacy.

The blending process is completely automated and allows conveying the raw materials from the storage tanks directly to the blenders through a network of pipes. This ensures the complete segregation of all raw materials and, as a consequence, the respect of their characteristics and therefore the quality of the final product.

SLI blending facilities include the following blenders; 1 with 100 m3, 5 with 55 m3, 1 with 50 m3, 2 with 40 m3, 3 with 10 m3, 4 with 4 m3 and 6 with 1.5 m3

Thanks to these various blending possibilities, SLI is able to produce an average of 10-12 blends per day and also to blend contemporarily a wide range of products reaching 45 000 tons of annual blending capacity per each work shift.

All these can be seen in SLI group of clients. Those companies have been working with SLI in a long term relationship: Tamoil, Bp, Repsol, Same DF, Total, Erg, Castrol, Petronas.

It is worth mentioning that SLI is not only a third party producer but also owns its brand SHARK, Shark is constantly engaged in keeping the pace with the most advanced technical specifications, car manufacturer requirements and customer needs.

The main components are blended and filled in a graphically captivating image. SHARK products are visually identified as truly Italian because they blend the Italian renowned orientation to entrepreneurship, Italian attitude to attain excellence in every product aspect and the Italian flexibility to outstand clients’ expectations.

As SHARK can count on the integrated blending plant of SLI, providing all services available in the lubricant sector, R&D, blending, filling lab analysis, and storage, SHARK assures an impeccable service to its clients, from order receipt up to the final delivery.

Thanks to the experience and the integrated production infrastructure of SLI, SHARK products are tailor made on the clients’ requests, in terms of technical specifications, package formats and quantities. SHARK can serve at its best both clients requiring large orders and retailers who demand smaller batches or dedicated tailor made productions.


Società Internazionale Lubrificanti

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