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Solatube International, a USA firm, is the originator of Tubular Daylighting Systems and worldwide market leader with presence in over 90 countries. Steam Plant Ltd is the sole distributor of Solatube Daylighting Systems in Kenya.
Over the years, Solatube International innovations of Tubular Daylighting Systems have revolutionized how natural daylight is added in the building interior. Solatube advanced optical technology is designed to capture sunlight on the roof, efficiently transfer sunlight through patented spectralight infinity tubing with a spectral reflectivity of 99.7% and uniformly diffuse the light over a wide area inside the building. Solatube products inhibits UV and heat gain in the daylighted space.
Today, architects, engineers and designers are adopting daylighting systems to solve the problem of transferring natural daylight into the interior of the building. Some of the designs integrate natural lighting virtually everywhere in a building. We are inspired by new and exciting designs using our Daylighting Systems
One thing is clear. Solatube products are not skylights. Solatube are high-performance daylighting systems that use advanced optics to significantly improve the way daylight is harnessed. Solatube products provide effective daylighting solutions for commercial and residential development. Daylighting systems uniformly diffuse the light unlike skylights which are associated with shifting patterns of light as well as solar heat gain.
Daylighting systems products have been installed in many parts of the world. All installed units are still in very good working condition, a proof of quality and reliability. Due to the wide application of daylighting systems, they have been installed in schools, offices, retail/supermarkets, factories, warehouses, distribution facilities, recreation/gymnasiums, government and military facilities, and residential houses.
It is important to recognize that selection of the right daylighting system for the space can make all the difference. A properly designed daylighting system can have a very positive impact on building occupants and energy savings, but a poorly designed daylighting system can have a detrimental impact. The primary detrimental impact is the visual and thermal discomfort, which make employees very uncomfortable at certain times of the day.
The benefits of natural lighting should be evaluated and justified using a holistic approach instead of annual energy savings only. Many times we tend to overlook the overall benefits such as improvement in employees productivity, increased product sales in retail outlets, carbon credit and creation of a conducive working environment.
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