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Solet Photovoltaic is a European manufacturer that produces the highest quality and innovative appliances and products that meet the global standards. Pursuing the effective manufacturing all attention and investments are devoted to scientific researches, and the development and modernization of technological processes.

The experimental plant Precizika was founded in 1967 under the Experimental and Research Institute of Metal Cutting Machine Tools (ENIMS). In 1991 Vilnius branch of ENIMS was reorganized into the State Scientific Industrial Enterprise Precizika which after privatization in 1994 became the Scientific Industrial Public Limited Liability Company Precizika.

In 2011, with decades of experience in precision engineering and more than a decade in photovoltaic technology development, Precizika launched the first photovoltaic module production line in the Baltic States, using the innovative technology from the Meyer Burger Group.

Using this reliable and advanced technology, along with standard SOLET monocrystalline and polycrystalline Photovoltaic modules, the company is able to produce unframed, glass-back sheet, glass-glass modules that can be designed in different colors and size parameters.

UAB „Precizika Metrology” has almost half-century traditions in the field of development, manufacturing and installation of precision metrology systems into industry.

Precizika-MET SC – a fully-equipped scientific laboratory which focuses on silicon-based solar-cell research and development, creates and tests advanced photovoltaic technologies in order to achieve cheaper, more efficient, advanced PV technology application.

Solet Photovoltaic has a 65MW Production capacity with 50 years experience in precise engineering and 10 years experience in PV technology. In addition the company offers professional consulting and PV project management, turnkey photovoltaic project delivery and custom design module production.

According to experts from the company, PV technology is being rapidly developed and has become even more competitive with other, traditional, energy sources. Various financial incentives, such as preferential feed-in tariffs, net metering or governmental subsidies for solar-generated electricity, support PV installations and technology development in many countries. Solar energy supply boosts energy stability and capacity, solving both environment and energy issues.


Solet Photovoltaic

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