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Sontrafic was established to cover the needs of the sector of road signs. Its main objective is meeting the needs of its customers, as well as adapting to all their requirements and specifications.

The company is working with the latest road technology trends by introducing the LED and Solar components system on the market, thus taking advantage of both energy savings and improved visibility.


1.     Traffic Light Chasis they include:

Girox System (for incandescent lamps)

This is a fitting system that covers all European Fireproof Standards, thereby supporting the high temperature of the lamps. It has easy subtraction system allowing the installer to change lamp or clean diffuser quickly and easily. It has an independent support lamp.
sontrafic 1

Signal Head

It has standard colours yellow, black, gray, green, black and green mix. It is lightweight, highly resistant any kind of impact ensuring its durability against environmental and weather conditions.

Others include Signal Head Vanguard, Signal Heads, Vanguard Blinds module, Vanguard pedestrian and Vanguard Repeter.

2.     LEDS

3.     Traffic light accessories

4.     Columns and brackets for signal Heads

5.     Blinds Module

6.     Variable message panels

7.     Pedagogic Radar

8.     Lighting Beacons

9.     Playground Set

The company has done previous traffic projects in Colombia, Andorra, Ecuador, Spain and Portugal.


Telephone: +34937185978
Email: [email protected]