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Space and Style Ltd has been operating in Kenya since 2002 and has grown to be among the best in the supply of specialized building materials. The company has shown great promise of securing a place in the industry all thanks to the good quality of their products.

Consumer tastes and lifestyles with regards to building materials have become more specialized over time. This has prompted Space and Styles to offer solutions that are in tune with the changing market trends. One such efficient solution is the Asili Roofing Tile.

Asili Roofing Tile

The latest addition to the Space and Style line-up is the “Asili Roofing Tile”. From its Swahili word meaning Asili- means original, indigenous or natural. As the name suggests the new Asili Roofing Tile is locally manufactured and is driven by the desire to provide an original authentic, yet quality and affordable product that will give your construction that distinct and original look.

The Asili Roofing Tiles come in 3 major designs. They include the Asili Classic, Asili Shingle and Asili Thatch. They vary in size, length, width and weight too but the quality is still good in all of them despite the variations. They have various accessories that include: Box Barge, Ridge Hip, Side Flashing, Valley and the Flat Sheet.



All the Asili Roof products are manufactured from alu-zinc steel. Tests show that this component lasts 6-9 times longer than ordinary galvanized steel roofing products. This is achieved by the unique process where the zinc protects the steel core and it is protected by the aluminum barrier. As a resultAsili has unrivalled pedigree in long lasting steel roof tile manufacturing.


The natural stone chips are embedded deep in their own patented basecoat and sealed in special acrylic over glaze to ensure they stay permanently fixed to the tile. The finished tiles are then slowly backed to ensure durability.


Asili Roofing Tiles are coated with natural stone chips. The chips are formed volcanically and taken from quarries with a history of superior performance all across the world. These coatingsadd the natural beauty to the roof and a hard layer of protection from the harsh weather. Asili will never fade or change color.


Affordable – competitive price that allows all customers to afford quality, beautiful and unique roofing tiles

Accessible –Asili Tile is available in various outlets across Kenya and in the East African region.

Customizable-you will have your tiles customized to your preferred and unique color within three days.

No Delays

In the event that the Asili Roof tiles are not available on order there is no long wait they are delivered in less than a week. Make your order today and we can custom make to fit your specifications and choice of color.

Fire resistant – will not support fire, its non-combustible

Maintains quality- Asili Tile is made to offer superior performance year after year and will not fade.


Weighing only 7.0kg/m2 Asili Roof tiles helps the customer save cost on the roof structure (rafters, trusses, battens etc.) foundations and transport. As a ton of Asili Roof tiles weighs equivalent to ten tons of clay and concrete tiles!

Reduced rain noise

The Asili Stone coating softens the sound of the rain allowing you to get a good night sleep.

Fast Installation

Asili tiles are quick to install as they are 10 times faster to install and can save you construction cost. Asili can be installed on to steel or timber battens.