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For nearly 60 years, the company, SPECIES, through its internationally renowned brand EVERFAST has been on a mission of development of innovative technical solutions and ever more efficient for the construction sector.

EVERFAST covers the most diverse needs of the construction sector: waterproofing, industrial floors, paving, collage, fixing, special mortars, etc.

Products EVERFAST are available in France and worldwide wholesalers in materials and hardware. With over 57 years of expertise, the brand is present in over 5 countries through a network of exclusive distributors committed to quality products offered by EVERFAST.

Their sales team accompanies the distributors in the sale and training in order to develop sustainable partnerships through closer cooperation.


This is a liquid, plasticizing waterproofing compound for concrete and mortar wear resisting layers, shaft linings, basins etc. The product reduces water-penetration and has plasticizing properties that ensure perfect homogeneity and extremely efficient waterproofing for concrete and mortar. When added to the mix water, EVERFAST HYDROL mixes perfectly with the batch due to its liquid form. EVERFAST HYDROL is a guaranteed chloride-free admixture, with no significant effect on the setting and strength of concrete. Its plasticizing and water reducing effects are secondary.

EVERFAST HYDROL is used for producing standard compliant concrete and mortar constructions which are impermeable to pressurized water: basins, bottom slabs, canals, industrial buildings, facades, reservoirs, foundations, purification plants, food industry vats, basements, pools and waterproof wearing surfaces.

The product can be used for all types of construction significantly exposed to weather stress, fresh, salt or industrial waters and calcium sulfate.

Sophie Madour from Species advises potential buyers that they must identify their needs in order to find the product which corresponds to their demands. She adds that the buyers must carry their comparisons, not only on the price of the price of the product but also on quality. The company is present in Africa and is looking for distributors in the continent.



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