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Speedar Limited is a leading European manufacturer of Radar speed measuring equipment and the only manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Its products have an enviable reputation worldwide and it has exported to over 35 countries in five continents.

Its Speedar radar unit was the first to employ detachable batteries and directional sensing. It is widely used by Police, Local authorities and Community speedwatch groups to monitor and identify speed limit violators and thus has contributed significantly to the reduction of deaths and injuries from road accidents.

The Speedlog unit is a variant of the Speedar unit and is used by traffic engineers and traffic consultants to conduct speed surveys of traffic. This gives the ability to identify problem areas so that appropriate measures can be taken. Such measures could include one of Speedars Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) indicating the speed of approaching vehicles.

The SpeedVision range of equipment integrated a high quality video camera with the Speedar Radar technology to provide video coverage of the violation with the relative data superimposed on the video. Together with the colour and plate of the vehicle this, provides irrefutable evidence of the violation.

The SpeedVision range has now been extended to include automatic operation, wireless transmission of video up to three kilometres, and a network version is in development. The advantage of automatic and remote operation is that it not only eliminates the need for the constant attendance of officers but removes them from the vulnerable position of standing roadside taking readings where they themselves are susceptible to injury. This technology is not only receiving great interest for road safety applications but also for use in construction and transport environments.

As Ottery Electronics it was the first company in the UK to design and market Vascar equipment.

Speedar Limited has now re-introduced a range of Vascar products to its portfolio that incorporates video with super-imposed data on the video, again giving irrefutable evidence of the violation. The range has three versions that cater for police vehicles of differing equipment specifications – from vehicles with no equipment to those that just require the Vascar element added.

Speedar Limited are always happy to advice on the most appropriate product for the application being considered.

With their products already in various African countries, Speedar are keen on expanding in the continent and are looking for ‘on the ground distributors’ with the possibility of extending the cooperation.

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