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SPYTEK is Africa’s leading Surveillance (SPY) and Security Equipment Distributor committed to providing hi-tech surveillance and security intelligence equipment to its customers through the supply of world-class equipment and software products.

The company’s Sales are focused on: Retail Consumers, Dealers and Government Agencies (Internationally).

SPYTEK offer a superior range of audio surveillance equipment – Spy Bugs; listen in devices/ room sound monitors, sound amplifiers, audio transmitting devices as well as Wireless-Spy-Secret-Service-Earpiece devices.

Spy Cameras/ Covert Video/ Nanny Cameras, Cell phone Spy Software & Spy Cell phones, GPS Trackers, Security & Self Defense equipment and LED Products.

The Spytek Franchises operate from a Retail shop and only sell Spytek approved products sourced and purchased from Spytek Head Offices. The stores and departments are tailored to the target market, demographic and location of the store.

The company is continuously expanding and looking for companies interested in adding SPYTEK’s product range to their current product offering, or new businesses looking to increase their income potential. SPYTEK offer product and sales training to all their distributors.

Any individual can also become an independent sales rep of the company’s products on its behalf and receive commission. One will not be employed by the company therefore can do this part-time or full time, and get commission for their sales.

The company’s mission is to be the distributor of choice for their end user customer and resellers, providing excellent products, technology, service and support and thereby always exceeding their expectations.
According to Duncan Taylor of SPYTEKproducts from the company are versatile and possess structural integrity to withstand some harsh conditions something which is a good point. Experts in the company can also fabricate products to the client’s requirements.

It is also important for clients to be aware of the capabilities of the items they wish to purchase and ensure that they work through a reputable dealer.

Duncan Taylor
[email protected]