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The Finlay Block Making Equipment business is located in the United Kingdom and has been designing and manufacturing equipment to manufacture and handle concrete building bricks and blocks for 60 years.

The equipment is renowned for its reliability and longevity with 35 year old machines working in Africa today. Because of their reliability, ease of use and low maintenance cost they hold their value and there is always a high demand for used equipment.

A number of models are available to meet the requirements of both the small and large scale producer. For example output of a 100mm wide solid block can be as little as 1,100 per hour up to 4,600 per hour. The machines can produce both solid and hollow blocks.

The machines can be either powered via a three phase electric supply or can be supplied with a diesel powered generator making the machines self powered. In addition the machines can be supplied fully automatic – no operator required! All the functions including travel and steering are fully automatic. Mark Snell, Sales Director says automation has a dramatic effect on output; the machine doesn’t need to stop for a smoke or toilet break!

Finlay also manufacture an unlimited range of moulds to fit all the block machines models and also a range of Fork Lift Attachments, one of the most successful being the Finlay Block Clamp that enables concrete blocks to be handled mechanically.

Finally, for those who wish to package blocks into neat and manageable packs Finlay supply an automatic Strapping Machine. The machine squeezes the blocks into a tight pack before placing a strap around the pack. They can also supply the strap and even have your company name and telephone number printed on the strap.

One reason for Finlay’s continued success during the past 60 years is their technical service and parts support. They offer free technical support during the life of the machine and this coupled with a substantial parts department has provided great confidence with customers who return with repeat business.

Finlay exports their equipment globally. In Africa there are machines operating in Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and Sudan. In the UK and Ireland they have many hundreds of machines operating and command 90% market share.

For further information contact:

Mark Snell

SRS Finlay

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Tel:      +44 1600 891 544

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