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ST & D Systems Access technique is entirely in the service of safety, security and hospitality. The company only works with complete and customized solutions for controlled access of both buildings and departments as entire city centers and individual areas. The experience has also shown that the conditioned grant access has become an essential part of social mobility and that includes new products at, insightful and personal.

Clients of ST & D include developers, banks, government agencies (municipal) managers of shopping areas, and industrial parks, and private individuals. The products of ST & D can be found in and around the car-free city centers, car parks, offices, camping and other fields.

ST & D concepts are characterized by their turn-key character. How compact or complex, each project is designed individually matched, produced, assembled, tested and delivered ready to use, of course according to agreed schedule and budget.

This personal approach results in customization that fits like a glove. Customer specific demands and requirements form the basis for a combination of standard products developed constitutes a reply. Smoothly operated manually, mechanically robust and reliable automated: the solutions of ST & D always connect on what client and project demand. And that can happen to vary from a simple barrier to a solid sliding gate and a multi-pillar to an integrated system with advanced access.

The company also works closely with our regular partners include Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates).


ST & D Security Technics and Development

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