Staunch Machinery: the leading manufacturer and supplier of construction equipment and electrical power solutions

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Staunch Machinery L.T.D. is a manufacturer of construction materials and equipment, and power generators. The company is a member of Al-Nahda Industrial Group. The acquisition of a long and through experience in the market of construction equipment and related products, In addition to the on-going learning process of our customers’ needs in an ever- changing industry had made Staunch Machinery one of the Leading Companies in its Domain around the MENA Region and Australia.

Their extensive experience in the manufacturing of construction equipment is the key to the firm’s success. Their new industrial group currently holds one of the largest ranges of construction equipment under the exclusive brand name of Staunch Machinery. Some of their products range include: concrete mixers, asphalt cutters, dumpers, lighting towers, scaffolding that are much more locally produced and finished with the company trade mark colors (orange and grey). Their products are available across the globe through their partners in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia.

The company has a dedicated team of workers; engineers and manufacturers that are highly skilled with motivations to produce only the best the industry can offer. All equipment produced are carefully researched by their R&D department and personnel who gathers feedback from users. Their role is to gather feedback from their customers around the world in order to keep up with the needs of contractors and operators. They also test quality components to come up with well-crafted pieces of machinery. This constant development and growth has culminated in the latest division of Staunch Machinery which is Staunch Power Generation.

Staunch Power Generation is a subsidiary of the Al-Nahda Group and Staunch Machinery, dedicated to producing top quality power generator sets, Welding Machines, Lighting towers and solutions in the field of Power and Energy Generation.

Benefiting from the 45 years of experience that Staunch and Al-Nahda share in the market of construction equipment and power generation, Staunch is powered by the best engine makers in the world. The company has three other factories in China, Turkey, and India, as well as 67 offices worldwide, including warehouses, points–of-sale, and maintenance departments.