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Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Limited (SGI) was established in 2004 as a Joint Venture Company with Strata Systems Inc, USA. Strata Systems Inc., subsidiary of Glen Raven Inc. has been manufacturing knitted PET geogrids for the last two decades.

One of the prime products of SGI- StrataGrid™ is essentially a knitted geogrid using high tenacity polyester yarn. The polyester used has high molecular weight and low CEG, ensuring controlled elongation and design life of over 120 years.

SGI also manufactures StrataWeb™ geocells, a lightweight but strong three-dimensional honeycomb-like cellular confinement system. StrataWeb™ is fabricated from ultrasonically-welded HDPE strips, expandable at site to form the three-dimensional honeycomb structure. The cells are filled with non-plastic soil. The confinement reduces lateral movement of soil within and provides rigidity to the geocell system.

This spreads the imposed load over a larger area, thereby reducing the contact pressure with the sub-soil, manifesting as increase in bearing capacity of foundation soil. The walls of StrataWeb™ geocells are specially textured to increase friction between the cell wall and the in-filled soil, which augments the rigidity of the system. The walls are also perforated for rapid dissipation of pore-water pressures.

StrataWeb™ geocells are also used as protection against erosion of soil slopes in embankments and cuts, natural and man-made. StrataWeb™ geocells are laid along the slope to be protected, often as steep as 1H: 1V, secured appropriately and filled with either vegetated soils or plain cement concrete, depending on other factors related to the protected slope.

“Strata strongly believes in the ethos of providing products with American Quality at Indian Value, combining the best of both countries”, says Gautam Dalmia, DGM- Business Development & Marketing. Currently, Strata doesn’t have a direct operational set-up in Africa, however Strata is fully equipped to export StrataGrid™ & StrataWeb™ if required by the potential customers based in Africa, as they are currently exporting to various other parts of the world.

Mr. Gautam Dalmia
DGM-Business Development & Marketing
[email protected]