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Strong Manufacturing strives to design and build the ideal solution for each of their customers’ needs.

They manufacture mixer compact enough to fit in the bed of a small pickup, or a self contained machine to mix and pump 100 yards per hour.

They are the leading manufacturer of equipment for mixing and pumping lightweight insulating concrete and floor underlayment, they have set the standard for lightweight roof deck systems as well as gypsum based floor underlayment and manhole rehabilitation systems.

Their equipment are designed for specialty cements ranging from a rich stiff mix with a density of 135 lbs/ft^3 for rebuilding masonry and concrete structures to cellular concrete with a density of 20 lbs/ft^3 used to fill voids. Their GroutMate Super 80 has been and is being used in large dormitory projects in Africa mixing and pumping gypsum underlayment.

They have a double drum mixer excels in mixing cellular concrete because of its efficiency. It can bring a mix to solution faster than a single drum mixer which protects the air bubbles of the foam from breaking down.

In the African market, they have seen more mix designs going to cement, sand, and air entrainment. Their equipment is setup to mix and pump this solution with as little as six people.

According t o Strong Manufacturing’s marketing manager Kris Kline their company have supplied their products to an upcoming project in Nigeria and more supplied to Southern African market.


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