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Sulzer Gas Turbines

Sulzer is a global firm offering reliable and sustainable solutions for performance-critical applications including gas turbines services. Their innovative solutions add value and strengthen to the competitive position of their customers. From its beginnings in Winterthur, Switzerland back in 1834, the company has developed to become a leading player in its key markets.

In the area of gas turbines, they specialize in the inspection and repair of gas turbines, as well as offering tailored solutions combined with fast and flexible services that improves operational performance and extends the operational life of the gas turbines.

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They have developed and refined processes and procedures to manufacture technologically-advanced components used in industrial gas turbine applications. They produce components associated with the hot gas path and compressor sections.

They also repair gas turbine rotors of various sizes and weights. Typical repairs include: As-received rotor inspections, Rotor disassembly, complete cleaning, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), complete dimensional inspections, Reassembly, Final machining, Low-speed balancing, and High-speed balancing.

They offers a variety of services to meet their customers’ requirements for enhancing operational performance such as: New parts manufacturing: turbine disks, compressor wheels, rotating and stator blades, turbine buckets, Reverse engineering: precision measuring of parts for remanufacture, Coatings: anti-corrosion, thermal barrier, and metal spray, Life evaluations: metallurgical, traverse hardness, boresonic, ultrasonic, and phase array inspections, Field service: borescope inspections, combustion inspections, hot gas path inspections, major overhauls. Sulzer offers their wind turbines services worldwide.

Claudia Proeger, the Marketing and Communications manager advices potential buyer of their services to consider their capabilities, as their clients will not only receive a repair of their gas turbines, but can as well benefit from their experience in making the gas turbines more reliable and extend their lifetime. Customers can get an upgrade and not just a repair.

Ms Proeger also commented on the emerging trend regarding the gas turbines power generation industry that, “services will become more important in the future as cost savings will sometimes prevent the investment into new gas turbines. So the ‘old’ gas turbine will have to be refurbished and upgraded.”

Sulzer Gas Turbines
Claudia Proeger
Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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