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Sulzer is a global partner offering reliable and sustainable solutions for performance-critical applications. Their innovative solutions add value and strengthen the competitive position of their customers. From its beginnings in Winterthur, Switzerland back in 1834, the company has developed to become a leading player in its key markets.

Their vision and strategic priorities define their overall direction. Their values act as an inner compass, guiding all their activities. They define who they are and how they conduct themselves. They hold leading positions in their key markets, which include: oil and gas, power, and water. They are dedicated to creating long-term value, and providing sustainable solutions.

However, Sulzer as well provides repair and maintenance services for rotating electrical equipment in wind turbines. They also offer innovative solutions in wind turbines sector improve performance, meantime between failures, and in situ repairs—including generator main bearing replacement in the nacelle. They have extensive capabilities and knowledge in the overhaul, rewind, and mechanical repair of wind turbine generators.

Sulzer is an ideal partner for maintaining and servicing the equipment in a timely and professional manner. Wind turbine technology has evolved rapidly over recent years, and with their cost-effective and innovative solutions will help in maintaining their customers wind turbine generators in optimal condition, given that they have comprehensive experience in the repair of wind turbines from European manufacturers. They also carry out all processes in house—including coil manufacturing—to minimize lead times. They offer their wind turbine services worldwide.

Claudia Proeger, the Marketing and Communications manager advices potential buyer of their services to consider their capabilities, as their clients will not only receive a repair of their wind turbines, but can as well benefit from their experience in making the wind turbines more reliable and extend their lifetime. Customers can get an upgrade and not just a repair.

Ms Proeger also commented on the emerging trend regarding the wind power industry that, “services will become more important in the future as cost savings will sometimes prevent the investment into new wind turbines. So the ‘old’ wind turbine will have to be refurbished and upgraded.”


Claudia Proeger
Marketing and Communications
[email protected]