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Sunspeed Flooring, based in Shijiazhuang, belongs to the Sunspeed Group, which is an established market leader of laminate flooring. The laminate flooring they manufacture for customers overseas is produced alongside the Group’s domestic flooring brand “Meidica” – famous in China for stunning the market with exciting designs and quality product that rivals the behemoth brands of Europe. Sunspeed Flooring supplies laminate flooring with 12 different types of laminate flooring textures. All of the laminate flooring textures have their exclusive techniques and are widely accepted in various foreign markets.

Textured laminate flooring gives you the feeling as well as the look of real wood and is very popular in South America. Meanwhile, high gloss laminate flooring and hand scraped laminate flooring also sell brilliantly in Latin America. The high gloss laminate flooring is very shiny and easy to clean.

When you walk on Laminate flooring textures it feels just like walking on real hardwood! Along with the benefits and advantages that laminate flooring offers – ease of installation, low maintenance, and more – textured laminate flooring and hand scraped laminate flooring can give your space a look that stands out from the crowd and one which you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Additionally, the wear resistance of laminate flooring is not up to the laminate flooring textures, Sunspeed offer 4 AC levels laminates flooring by wear resistance layer, including domestic laminate flooring and commercial laminate flooring. You can select the wear resistance layer of your choice when you add products to the quote cart.

Becky from Sunspeed flooring says that the trends emerging in the future as regards flooring products is that various edge types emerge according to customers’ needs, for example, there used to be only square edge products before, but now you may find beveled painted V-groove products, pressed V-groove products, and even big U-groove products. Meanwhile, more and more beautiful surfaces are produced by the manufacturers to mimic a real wood floor.


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