Suntrica Ltd

Suntrica Ltd from Finland is the leader in portable, flexible and high-efficiency solar charging solutions. Since 2006 the company has been designing, contract manufacturing and marketing easy-to-use personal solar chargers for use with portable battery-powered devices. Chargers converting ambient solar energy into usable electrical energy can provide an unlimited source of power for personal electronic devices.

Suntrica’s products provide an ecological response to the mobile consumer electronics charging challenge in developing markets having limited access to electricity. The company is committed to decreasing the world’s carbon footprint and thus reducing the effects of global climate change. Its goal is to provide environmentally friendly solutions to improve the operating time of products that change our everyday lives.

Suntrica’s solar chargers are a combination of high quality Finnish research and development and innovative design work.

The company’s modern component technology together with continuous R&D work enables it to provide superior quality and innovative solutions for today’s demanding consumer.

Suntrica Ltd offers solar power e.g. for communication and lighting. Their products are Reliable, easy to install.


Their energy autonomy solar solutions include low-power radio base stations, air traffic obstacle lights, community power, field telemetry/monitoring/security systems, off grid LED lighting, integrated power controllers, energy autonomic outdoor displays, fixed wireless backup , field charging etc.


Experts in the company recommend clients to compare the products not only based on price but also durability, functionality with their electronic devices and the warranty provided.



Jouko Häyrynen

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