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Supratile by Armorpoxy is a revolutionary SOLID PVC Polymer interlocking floor tile that installs simply and easily to virtually any surface. Supratile is the perfect answer for projects that cannot be taken out of service for the many days to install an epoxy floor and let it cure. Tens of thousands of square feet of Supratile can be installed in a single day if needed with little, if any downtime of the area.

According to Supertitle’s marketing manager Greg Weiner currently their company has not completed any business in Africa but they can export their products in Africa.

The company is ideal for floors that are in bad condition and need repair work, areas that cannot tolerate installation of an epoxy floor due to time constraints or where the area cannot get dusty from the normal surface prep methods of floor grinding or shot blasting.

Supratile is SOLID PVC polymer construction so they are comfortable and quiet to walk on. They are not noisy or hollow sounding like most garage-type interlocking tiles. Supratile is flexible and will follow floor curvatures and variations and not break or split like hollow tiles. Their full-length joints offer superior connections unlike the ‘tab & loops’ of other tiles. There truly is no comparison between Supratile and others on the market.

Supratile frequently runs approximately the same price as a properly installed epoxy floor, yet is about ten times thicker than a coated floor and carries a much longer warranty than any epoxy floor. Supratile is easy to maintain as in the event that a tile gets damaged, just pop it out and replace in minutes. No need for expensive or messy technicians. Your Supratile floor will last for generations.



Greg Weiner

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